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  • The MD3 shape generates aerodynamic lift while in flight??? Even at the top speed of 35mph, I think the marketing department is a bit optimistic there...


    What is beyond doubt is the size. At 2m length, this thing is *huge*.

  • renaud, those are completely different motors

  • by the way, it is fun to see the huge prices differences:


    I have a feeling they are the same except the name on it... right?

  • Yeah I saw T-Motor ones and I am already working on a CAD to integrate them in an OctoQuad.

    problem with those motors is that you need 26-29" props...really huge! I did some setup simulation and an hexa would come tip to tip 2.1m! so I am going for octoquad to get more compact setup (almost similar to cinestar 8.


    estimated flight times with 4kg load 20-25 min mixed flight and 30-45 min hovering. If I replace all the load by batteries as per simulation I could reach above an hour of hovering and easy 30-35 min flight...


    Only problem... going to cost a hell of money! I am working on making my own carbon props also... :-) haven't decided on 2 or 3 blades... only thought on that?

  • If only those 3 bladed winglet propellers could really be 3D printed.

  • The MD4-1000 is pretty old already. I recently posted a link to RCGroups where people are reaching over 95 minutes of hovering with off-the-shelf hobby products.

    Besides, it's 88 minutes hovering in a hall. Not 88 minutes flight, let alone with payload...

    As for the motors, at least for the MD4-1000, T-Motor makes a motor and Hobby King has a knockoff of it.

  • Well, it is nice.

    My best result is 31 min. 1150 gr the total weight, 6400 MAh/3s, 800 kV motors, 12x5,4 inch props (my own carbon design). Quad made also by carbon. 

  • seems like a pretty decent cross wind profile..  my large quad gets pushed around quite a bit but looking at it from the side I can see why.

    Interesting blades.   Are there any specs on the motors and battery to go along with this video?

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