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  • the Mikrokopter also has full GPS. It will fly way points on its own..
    you can buy just the boards and make your own frame. the Software is very configurable..
  • Hey anyone out here knows how heavy the HexaKopter Frame is?
    And if I downsized my motor am I still able to fly it?
    I'm trying to keep it below 1kg...possible?
  • Amazing machines.
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    NGhobbies will soon have in stock.
  • From what I read on https;// they are 1500 Euros Thats about $3000 US isn't it?
  • Multiply the cost of anything in India by 4 to get American prices. Commodities like Aluminum R more like $20. For any electronics, get the dollar flamethrower & point it at Asia.
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    Very Nice NS Rana
  • has anyone got these flying waypoints yet?
  • Pinky says,"Way Cool!"
    MicroKopter has made many advances in the hobby multirotor German community over the years, including many beautiful frames, kits, and now the hexakopter. For $1500 this looks like a bargan.
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    Think it's one of the engineer who are flying. I think it's open source. Big thing in Germany.
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