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MAVERICK commented on Randy's blog post Hokuyo Laser Range Finder needs a home
"Hi there, I am currently working towards an Indoor Navigation Project with the Arduino Board. Due to a shoe string budget, my school can't offer us such technology to program it. My team and I would be keen to take up this project and work towards…"
Oct 22, 2013
MAVERICK posted a discussion
Hey guys,I was using Droid Planner for outdoor navigation, perhaps we could have a feature incorporated to use it indoors for navigation?
Oct 21, 2013
MAVERICK replied to kuxz's discussion Auto take off and landing
"I'm sorry but I may sound like a noob here but where did you declare your variables? I tried running this script and I got tons of errors pertaining to undeclared variables. So I am confused and also lacking familiarity in Arduino."
Oct 18, 2013
MAVERICK commented on Robert Krogh (hooks)'s blog post MikroKopter - HexaKopter
"Hey anyone out here knows how heavy the HexaKopter Frame is?
And if I downsized my motor am I still able to fly it?
I'm trying to keep it below 1kg...possible?"
Mar 25, 2010
MAVERICK replied to MAVERICK's discussion Mikrokopter

Yeah actually it works fine. With the newer firmware or rather the new MK tool, I was able to activate and calibrate it effectively.My problem now lies with flying it with a 29MHz Transmission or 2.4GHz as the current one flies on 72MHz.
Jan 10, 2010
MAVERICK left a comment for Wasnik Malla
"Hey sure...just let me know how I can help you."
Dec 18, 2009
MAVERICK posted a discussion
Hi, anyone out here familiar with the pressure sensor of the Mikrokopter?I need to calibrate it to hold an altitude of 1m max.Regards,|MAVERICK|
Aug 27, 2009
MAVERICK replied to MAVERICK's discussion Indoor Navigation

Fantastic Stuff.

Very inspiring.

What concept is this using?


Aug 16, 2009
MAVERICK posted a discussion
Any idea on how to implement indoor navigation around a circuit indoors?I understand that for the outdoor concept, GPS is used.What about indoor,I have colour sensing track lines but I would prefer to find an alternative as the lighting intensity…
Aug 16, 2009
MAVERICK commented on Jack Crossfire's photo
"Hey..I am working on an Semi-Autonomous Quad-rotor.
Any suggestions on how to make it follow colour tracks?"
Jul 17, 2009
MAVERICK left a comment for Kilani

Don' worry I am building one for my final year project as well using micro controllers.

Previously I built one using RC electronics for a competition.

For starters may I recommend you to look into the "mikrokopter".

Google it.

It's an open…"
May 31, 2009
MAVERICK posted a discussion
Hi guys, I am embarking on a project to design a quadrotor although I know it has been already designed.It is part of my school final year project.At this phase, which is the R&D phase, I am currently simulating the quadrotor using Labview and am…
Apr 9, 2009
MAVERICK commented on quix-fz's blog post video of quadro
"Hi there,
I must say that I am very impressed by your quad rotor design.It sure must have taken months to build up one.I myself tried building a quad rotor using only RC components and it was somewhat successful.However, there were drawbacks such as…"
Apr 8, 2009