Mini hex + autotune = success.

Slapped together a factory-fresh mini hex with HK APM mini + 3DR ublox, balanced the props, fired it up in the air and ran autotune, in a breezy day. Over tuned with the factory settings, but flying ok now - just needs a tweak here and there.

This is the result. Needs  bit of D I think, to stablise it a bit. Maybe more aggressive control in pitch to stop the high frequency oscillations?

Will upload settings once I get home. 3.2rc7, factory fresh build.

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  • I've got a modified Hovership (I just modified the structure to fit APM and Multistar 1704s and Afro 12As between the bottom two plates - also modified it to be a hexa).  I made it into a hex so I can carry a gopro, but I haven't tried flying that yet.  The motors heat up pretty bad when I have a gopro on it with a quad X config, gonna try the hexa soon.

    I get around 5-8 minutes on a 1500mAh 3s with 5030x3 props.  About 530g AUW with that battery.  The motors get a little warm, but I'm not impressed with the power that I get, especially in "hard" turns.  I switched to the 3 bladed props to get a bit more power, and it seems to help.  

    I also tried using a 4s which gives me a lot more lift and control in turns (but the motors heat up a bit - Hobbyking only rates them to 3s....).  I wonder if I need to change the ESC timing for that?  I'm thinking its the gains though, I just need some more time to play with them.  

  • nice.

    I'm interested to see how you get on with the multi-star motors. I did a few builds with them but a motor failed within the first few flights. I have had much better results (motor wise) with the RCTimer 1806 2300KV. 

    I have been using the FPV250v3 quad frame though. Might try with the Argonaut hex frame soon. Got to get back to some of the bigger builds.


  • What's misbehaving? What are you flying?

  • Hi DB,

    - Multistar 2150's...the "mini beasts"
    - AUW is 900g with a 2500mah 3S; less with a 1800mah.

    - Flight time is around 8 minutes; I might go to 5040 or 6030 props to increase this.
    - hovers at around 54%, according to APM's parameter. This is with 2600mah though - a 1800 or 2200 is the optimal.

  • Nice little bird.  I just made a similar one and I'm wondering if she's misbehaving. A few questions if you don't mind:

    Are those Multistar 1704 motors?  

    What's your all up weight?

    What kind of flight time do you get and with which battery?


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  • Settings after autotune. I think it needs a tweak, but it flies.3701825093?profile=original

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