The Mobius docking station takes the ActionCam to a new level and makes it even more versatile. Now very easily you can enable it to transmit the live video to a receiving ground station via the docking stations built-in 5.8GHz 32ch 200mW mini transmitter. 

Slide your Mobius  camera into the docking station with video transmitter to make it compatible with popular video receivers as Fatshark and Skyzone. The transmitter has a range of about 1.5km / 0.9 mile and adds 30 grams to the total weight of your plane. The dock features a JST female connector for easy connection of the supply voltage (6-30V).

Mobius camera not included.

More details on the page at HobbyKing: http://hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=78401&aff=5361

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  • Azhar, apparently the Mobius has something like a 10ms delay in signal (lag/latency). If you like to fly fast, low, through and around tress that's gonna be something noticeable and will affect your FPV experience. But for flying +10m up in a fixed wing scooting around or thermaling or aerial filming it's not really an issue. My Father has been using the Mobius for his FPV flying for a while now and loves it, this docking station Vtx I recon is the ducks nuts, if it had an in-built OSD I would seriously say it's better than bacon! :) :) :)   

  • To anyone that has tried: Is there any issue with the delay of the video? I heard mobius has a pretty annoying delay –which is why most quad racer use it only for recording (and actually pilot the quad using another camera)

  • HobbyKing today published a video for their Mobius docking station

  • Paul,

    One of the comments on the product page I linked to says

    Now I can use my DIY wiring, supply power from bec to Mobius and put OSD between Mobius and vtx. Still a clean installation.

    Seems that this user knows a way to do that. Now it is about finding out how.

  • I don't see a way of adding OSD to this out of the box. Pity as it's a nice clean design.
  • This is a device potentially interesting to DIYDrones members and providing a link to the supplier is a worthwhile thing to do.

    The person who published this is providing it as something of interest to us and doesn't gain anything from it's presentation.

    It is perfectly legitimate and of general interest, I don't know what kind of "Purity of our essential bodily fluids" you are looking for here, but basically if the information is useful, germane and worthwhile to our readers it has every right to be here and they should be applauded for bringing it to our attention.

    (Dr. Strangelove quote if you wanted to know).

    Best regards,


  • @rctech.se: And that comment is coming from you? From someone with an url (of a commercial site) in his user name? You are kidding right? 

    This has been discussed before and approved by site management (Chris). It's not very different than shops posting their products here.

  • Noticed that a while ago. This one isn't even particularly annoying

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    Although this is interetsting stuff, please note that there is an affiflite entry in the link:


    Enough with the clickbait postings!

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