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  • @John Arne Birkeland.

    Thank you for your interest! The position estimation filter is a KF home brew of mine. It works pretty well in most instances, but can become the victim of center point drift in certain situations (e.g. high vibration environments). We are working on a full blown EKF implementation which will substantially improve this. Additionally we are about to launch a new board with all digital sensors which will give us finer resolution and further improve these calculations.
  • Love the sound! Very nice video.
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    @S11D336B: Fast reading trough the RCG thread it looks like you have spent a lot of time developing the system, and it shows in the hover stability. Did you ever get around to implementing Kalman or is it 'home brewed'?
  • It's a great frame for an APM with IMU
  • You're right, not a basic stamp. Good luck with all of your projects guys, there is always a lot of interesting discussion here and a lot of smart people.
  • Hey guys are you sure that isn't the voice of a younger brother concentrating on filming?

    Don't take this the wrong way, all your comments would still be an accurate generalisation :)
  • Gotta love the female admiration for our hobby :)
  • Martin. The 1 hour milestone will be a lot of fun :)
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    @Scott yes I picked up on that as well ;-)
  • My WIP hexa is hovering at 12 amps, around 22 min on a 5 Ah battery. With two batteries it draws 18 A and lasts 32 minutes. It might be the time spent with these things, but I consider that efficient :)) Weight is the key.

    Optimizing the flight profile is also crucial for long flight times. The key is to determine its most efficient loading (minimize A/kg), machine's horizontal cruise speed (minimize mAh/m at a specific weight) and learn how to fly with the wind, not against it (not having the pilot/autopilot correct drift if it isn't necessary... frequent throttling eats more power than doing one large correction per waypoint).

    Acrobatic flight is of course not going to get anywhere near this. I'm a slow flyer.

    One day the 1-hour milestone will fall.
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