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  • All sizes of quad suck power and have very short flight times. They seem like a waste of time and money but this one can lift a useful load and that changes the game for me! Great machine. I will be building one as soon as I find the time. Thanks for the post
  • I just love the enthusiasm of the Wife/Girlfriend @1:18.
    You can just tell she is thinking "Come on... hurry up with your stupid helicopter crap!"
    Meanwhile... all the guys that are watching are thinking "Wow, how cool is that!"

    Hmmmmmm.........It's just like being at my house! :)
  • Developer
    Maybe it was just an optical illusion? Second guessing my claim haha
  • Developer
    Props are all on backwards. Bet he'd get a ton more flight time if they were correct.
  • Admin
    Hi all,

    You need to get on RC Groups and do a search for George Sapp who is the creator of "". Sapp's software and hardware is PROPRITARY and there has been some heated debate on RC Groups concerning Sapp's products and attitude:

    I am presently working on a square quadrarotor frame that is 20" X 20" with a diagonal distance between the motors of 28" when flown in an "X" configuration. I am using these motors:

    The BP Hobbies motors are good for around 250watts each WOT and they are controlled by CC Thunderbird 36 ESCs. I plan to use a minimum of two 5000mahr LiPos to power the beast. I will probably use the APM/IMU Mega for stabilization when the quadrarotor software matures.

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    The quadpowered site says 4x Propeller chips meaning 32x32bit 80mhz cores, so not a Basic Stamp.
  • So how much did this one cost?
  • A Basic Stamp controller ? WOW !
  • Just FYI, this quad is based on the Quadpowered board using the stock software.
  • Nice rig, but 1KW!!!! That's some space heater.
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