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    Cool, now this puts some minor pressure on ArduCopter factory videos ;)

    But anyways, their work is really amazing.
  • Gary: Cool! Thanks!
  • Moderator
    You want robots and art, clickity click
  • Technologically this isn't that great a feat- it's basically an incremental step beyond what Prof Jonathan Howe of MIT did with Vicon systems several years ago. But artistically this is awesome! I can envision MAVs as not just platforms for transporting a camera or a sensor, but as art, whether fine art or as decorative art (modern art deco???). Imagine colorful flapping birds flittering around an atrium. Not only can they be more colorful than real birds (esp if they have those pretty LEDs) but they don't deposit residue at random intervals. I'd sure enjoy seeing some "art-drones" on this forum!
  • Interesting but less impressive if they aren't flying autonomously, but instead slaved to an external motion capture system
  • How long before we see the US Air Force's autonomous flight demonstration team at airshows? UCAV's in tight formation pulling 12 G turns.
  • Incredible.Simply amazing
  • Super !!!
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