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  • Developer
    Thank you Chris for post all them here. Thank you guys for your comments.

    Now, think with me... the truly artist here is called Jordi Muñoz, I'm only reproducing his art. :P
    I'm a big fan of his work. All boards are made with a so special care that the result wouldn't be different. They really are great electronic artwork.
  • Moderator
    Yes, my son does this type of work in Vancouver for gaming and advertising projects using Lightwave, Maya, MentalRay, etc.

    I understand the mechanics, but lack an artist's eye.
  • Developer
    @Sgt Ric, I know that, I was asking Sandro to do these. Yes they are not pictures as in picture taken with camera but they are still pictures as in electronic form. Tho Sandro's work looks like a real pics, he has a magic finger to make them so realistic :)
  • Moderator
    @Jani... these are NOT pics!

    Thats the whole point!
  • Admin
    Does any one want take a bet that these are not hi def photos??!!!
  • Moderator
    Again, these are masterpeices Sandro... they will provide excellant reference pieces... better definition and depth of field than any photo.

    Great work!
  • Developer
    I will be so nice to use these pics to make our instructional ArduXXXXX documents :)
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