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I'm a big fan of Kare Halvorsen's work from biped to multi-pod spiders. His robots are always pretty well tuned to work on his customized RC control with lots of buttons.

This awesome project above is titled MorpHex which is Kare's entry on "BOCA BEARINGS 2012 INNOVATION COMPETITION".

More infos about the competition (and to give him your vote) here.
My vote was given to his amazing project. =)

Here go some of my favorite videos which show his studio with a great amount of nice robots:

A little bit more details on his crazy RC control I've mentioned above:

You can also subscribe on his youtube channel.

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  • Moderator

    What are the servos he is using in his last video? I mean are there any recommendations for servos in this kind of projects? 

  • Thats pretty amazing how smoothly it moves. Now imagine it the size of a car and with armored segments instead of plastic and a canon when it goes into tripod mode lol

  • Moderator

    Neat!  Does anybody know anything about the controller he's using?

  • Jawdropping, Whats the weight ? .. add some retractable props and you got your all purpose bumblebee robot, ready for Mars.

  • incredible!! will be fantastic when made symmetrical. like the way it rolls around

  • I'm just voted for you. Very smart projects
  • Slick, but I like and voted for this one instead:

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