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  • the gimbal is much cheaper as the zenmuse one.

    If u talk about Z15 - yep - but it NOT amateur solution at all

    German BL gimball hardware prised more than 800$ for heavy model
    cos assembled inter alia with high cost sensors for extrmly quality stabilisation

    It's NOT amateur solution too.

    Flight behavior unclear but Cinestar6  frame HW itself  well known as very good quality, stable and powerfull, but very high prised.  t.e.  £1,184.95 
    chinese clon more chiper ofcource =)

    I'm not found any technical specifications info abot  flight controller used in this copter.

  • the gimbal is much cheaper as the zenmuse one.

    but still, the flight controller is extremely nice.

    did you notice the flight behaviour?

  • robert bouwens yesterday

    the killer app/hw for 3dr.

    LOL! NOT and NOT again

    It's filmed with HIGH cost complex for making semiprofessional cinema - Cinestar frame from
    Modified as they write  w BL gimbaL hw from|

    Why would they
    that publish here it is not clear

    Only reson boast of financial resources =)

  • Really nice heavy duty brushless gimbal mount Vis,

    And really great video results, brushless gimbals do work way better than the old servo ones.

  • at the end of this video you can see how the device looks :)

    @Andrew Rabbitt : "glasnost & perestroyka" led to disaster in my country ;-)

    @Aleksandr Akulov: there are plans :). but need to explore around ...

  • others can learn, Robert, but not from this! Like last time and the time before that, it's all very secret squirrel. Glory to vis.asta and the motherland! Glasnost be damned!
  • I don't think to have ever seen such a good scene on a movie.

  • no i run against the language barrier.

    not killing the building ;-)

    but your hw/sw combination is extremely nice and well tuned.

    others can learn.

  • над телебашней будете летать?

  • the killer app/hw for 3dr.

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