Hi Guys,

My new OpenLRS Rx Multi boards arrived yesterday.
It is most simple quadro system, because controller firmware working into the RC receiver's processor :)
No need to any wiring for sensors or controllers, just plug your ESCs and fly.


Circuit %100 compatible with our other OpenLRS Rx v2 boards and including extra 2 pot, 3 axis Gyro(ITG3205) and 3 axis Accelerometer(ADXL345). I will share the codes and schematics into the product page.

I used modified MultiWii v1.9 on my receiver but you can load other opensource projects that they are using Arduino Atmega328 base. OpenLRS Rx v2 including I2C for sensors, a FTDI port and  PWM pins as servo output.

I'm waiting to spring days for flying outdoor and writing some autopilot codes into the board for stabilizing my planes and RTH functions.

Have a nice weekend


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  • @melih wow that is cool, I have only interacted with Bora ...
  • @Anish, Because i'm the designer of Flytron :)
    @ionut, current MultiWii code supportign 3-8 rotor multicopters. Supporting 20+ sensors and GPS integration coming soon..


  • So Melih you should integrate 4-8 ESC and you will have your multipurpose board

  • @melih yep that was the plan, it still remains the plan :(. Btw how come u are so well informed about all the cool flytron stuff

  • @Anich, your system will be %100 opensource :D
    I have an 9X but no time to changing the firmware and playing with it.  

  • @melih i too have an openlrs reciever yet to test it with my "customised" turnigy 9x

  • I forgot to writing,

    The frame is Copter Frames' Grass Hopper Basic frame.  

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