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Hello everyone, we are back!


Let me introduce myself, some of you might remember me as the cofounder of 3D Robotics/3DR. Since then, a particular and well-selected team of people from 3DR San Diego and 3DR TJ and I are pleased to announce we are continuing to develop legacy & new products for you.

Be patient with us, we are just engaging in this new startup, managing to bring out the best of us and to offer the best service and products. But, we do promise great things, and if everything goes as planned, you will see all this soon.


(Actual 3DR in 2008)

Our history in the tech industry precedes us, some of that history includes Ardupilot, APM1, APM 2.5, the re-introduction of the PPM encoder (originally developed by Paparazzi), Introduction of u-Blox to the masses (when it was impossible to get, we created a special adapter), ArduOSD, Power module with Battery sensing, Economy Airspeed sensor, Solo Link and blah, blah. 


(First ArduCopter back in 2007)

And we are now pleased to welcome you to our new home in technology “” where we are working hard to continue the development of our most distinguished products in 3DR for the DIY community.

As proud as we are of being the ones who created and developed all of this hardware, it is an honor to witness how much we can Inspire others to follow our lead and suddenly realize our products are being copied and reproduced all over the world, it is a great sign for us. It means we're doing something in the right way.

Even though some of these projects were on pause by 3DR since 2012, we are already working on improving them, with the sole purpose of providing solutions and the best service for the engineers, geeks out there or anyone in that is interested in playing with technology in their garage for entertainment or hobby as well as for small, medium and large businesses.

mRo is focused on offering the best! Same as when I cofounded 3DR, we are always trying to outdo ourselves on product quality and service. Right now, we are beating our own shipping prices. Not only do we ship worldwide, but also our average price, to almost everywhere is around just $15 US DLLS via FedEx, this way we can be at everyone’s reach. And of course, we are still shipping the same day of purchase, guaranteeing a fast delivery, thanks to our one vertical strategy.

As mentioned, is formed in ”Vertical Integration” arrangement, this way we can avoid any hold-up problems. While we design and create our products, manufacture them in house (San Diego, California), and sell them ourselves we gain lower transaction costs, lower uncertainty and we will be able to offer better prices for the quality and service you will be receiving. Overall, this gives us the opportunity for faster and better innovations.

Right now, we have developed the new “GPS for SOLO, and we are very proud of it. Don't hold back, visit us at and take a look at our reviews; it has made us, and a lot of people, really happy with its upgrades.

We are also bringing back the legendary PixHawk1, now available as barebones (full kit version with case and JST-GH version will be available soon), and we are officially manufacturing and distributing PixRacer (California made), PixRacer in my opinion, is the best PixHawk out there in terms of simplicity and reliability. Also, we will be stocking PixHawk 2 after the supply is more stable. Making our way on positioning ourselves as the store that distributes all the genuine “PX” hardware. At the same time, we are supporting the “Ardupilot” group. With each purchase, we will be offering donations to the “Ardupilot fund”, and I'm still working out a way we can help this Fund at a greater scale.

It gives me much joy and brings back great memories from when I was the first one to be in charge of the Ardupilot. I have great respect and admiration for those who are in charge now, without them, all this won’t be possible. I still remember seven years ago, when I started coding, and to be honest, it was a very modest and not the best quality, but it still worked, for being just the start of it. It has come a really long way and has evolved into a much better and interesting platform. The magic of open source.

Be sure to join us at and follow us on our Facebook page, and come along on this new Adventure, on our journey to create amazing products. Not only will we be continuing with the drones, but also robotics in general.

Don`t forget to catch us on the Arduino platform. I really like this platform especially what it represents for education, and I feel the responsibility not to only provide professional products, but to develop Educational Systems for future generations to be inspired and allow those who are just starting with coding and technology to easy develop new ideas and products. After all, they are the future of technology...

What about an easy to use Mavlink library for Arduino? With a few easy to understand lines, you will be able to tap into the telemetry line and send simple commands to your drone! 

Bonus: Have you met B-BOT? (Balance Bot) let me know what you think!

Keep tuned for our new GPS+I2C total isolator with range extender (physical isolated GPS module and I2C for those noisy drones) and I’m glad to be the first or one of the first to introduce the new Differential I2C from NXP (Qualcomm), which has all the noise immune benefits of CAN, but with the simplicity of I2C and is compatible with all the current I2C devices out there with an adapter, it even allows you to have multiple masters! Check out how it works:


How beautiful differential signals looks like: 


We know you have a lot of options to buy from, we hope you will remember to support innovation! ;-)

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  • Awesome Stuff!

    Glad to see the original talent and skill continue to add their brilliant ideas to the DIY scene!

  • Hi Jordi, Great to see you back on DIY revolution

  • Sounds really great Jordi,

    There had been a growing lack of support for our DIY efforts for some time and it is really good to see you getting things back on a positive DIY track.

    There is even more interesting stuff for us DIYers to be doing going forward, but we have, I think, been feeling at loose ends since 3DR basically got out of the DIY Ardupilot and hardware support business.

    We really need a central access point to rally around and to set the bar, really happy to see it is you doing it.

    Best regards,


  • 3D Robotics

    So happy to see this up and running. DIY forever!

  • Fantastic news Jordi, you'll have my business!

  • Developer

    great stuff Jordi, and thanks for supporting ArduPilot!

  • Moderator
    Hi Jordi, really like the bare bones pix1 board- I'm sure there are many people like me with damaged pixhawks that can now be brought back to life within a reasonable cost!
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