The EigenCAM app is an imaging and analysis software specifically designed for multi-spectral imaging applications to extract as much information as possible from the images. Promising applications include near infrared photography, vegetation analysis, assisted night vision, authentication, biological detection, urban growth analysis, defeating camouflage, disaster assessment, etc.

How about this app and camera?

Could be a cheap and great way to have more options.


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  • I had a disappointing experience with them. They are good guys and know what they are doing, but there really isn't (yet) a single camera that does it all. I found out, after I bought one, that there is no filter installed. They only removed the original IR filter. And unfortunately I damaged one of the flex cables when I installed, the necessary (for my application) filter. So after I paid for shipping back to them for repair, which they could not, they sent back my useless camera. I was very disappointing in them, but am finding out pretty quickly algorithms are not rocket science and we will begin seeing similar products, that do more specific jobs, on the market soon. 

  • It's free for 7 days so install when you have time to try it, it's a pitty that don't advertise this to install when we have time to experiment with it

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