Hello Guys,
I am here for the latest update, I would say that many were waiting ... We are finally back to fly .. it starts from where I stopped with QuadFox V3, but now with much more power 'you can use to fly our beautiful quad.
What I posted and 'the first official flight after the failure of Sunday's pre-flight test due to malfunction of the GyroZ OilPan, promptly replaced by Jordi , thank you Chris and Jordi for your support ,Diydrones of which' was timely in sending, sent from the United States Sunday arrived today mounted and here is the first flight. Only preliminary tests. I used the firmware version published Sunday .I put new IMU and flies as I suggested no major problems except the ones I had already' seen in pre-flight test, but going to be solved improve some operations, particularly the libraries that I rewrote the management of the radio, the problem I have is' above them.
The test that I did use Arducopter NG 32, Multipilot32 as CPU, OilPan as IMU, ESC Chinese engines from 6 € robby recovered from my old mk, rx Graupner 12 ppm scan analog output sum .. 3S 20c Lipo Battery
I also remember that for those interested in doing another online seminar tomorrow on the product roadmap of Multipilot32. I predict that the stable version for standard users will be 'available within a month of work today. The actual and the 'pre alpha version only for Developer and Hard coder who know what they do when they hold a pre-review software.
I put online the RoadMap presentation , this is the link


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