Multiplex Cularis FPV build with ardupilot


After spending quite a while building a pixhawk based Multiplex Cularis with FPV, and lots of foam cutting to fit everything (including 3 cameras), here is the result:

Fitting all the APM and FPV gear in there is kind of tight, but it's doable.


  • 80Amp Castle Phoenix ESC
  • Neumotor 1905 2.5Y 600-1200W motor 865kV (too heavy and powerful but I inherited it with my old Cularis)
  • 4S 3300mAh lipo
  • 14x8 folding prop, 60A, 960W power at full power takeoff (same power with 12x8 prop)
  • 5V BEC to power servos and backup power to pixhawk
  • Pixhawk with ardupilot 3.2.3
  • 433Mhz telemetry radio
  • MinimOSD with minimosd-extra R800
  • 12V uBEC for Vtx
  • 900Mhz 500mW video TX with 5V output used to power 2 mobius cameras and FPV camera
  • Narrow angle Mobius for forward bottom view
  • Wide angle Mobius for rear bottom view
  • Fatshark TVL 600 FPV cam on top
  • RC controlled onboard video switcher for the 3 analog video sources
  • Lost model finder plugged into an RC channel
  • Separate loud Keyringer with independent battery, sound activated

Total weight is a bit heavy, around 2.1kg, but with the huge wings, it's not a big problem. The wing area is 55dm^2, and wing loading of about 40g per dm^2 (the pure glider version is only 25g per dm^2).

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  • I have a Talon unpacked but not built yet, that one is next :)

  • Very Nice, Maybe try with a X-UAV Talon, much more space and easier to manage the CG.

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