I was playing with my custom built quadrocopter based on Multiwii platform, but had trouble finding a comprehensive guide to stick configuration functions online. I stumbled upon Mr.Hamburger's awesome cheatsheet, but found out that for my Mode 1 stick configuration it was wrong. I have throttle and yaw on the right stick and pitch & roll on the left. So I made a version that works for my configuration. I haven't tested all functions, but they should work.

You can download it as PDF. And once again, all the kudos to Mr. Hamburger for his efforts.

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  • Whoops - My bad. Indeed I've been flying Mode 3 on my quad. :) But I'll give the mode 1 a go some day, since I've flown plane models with it.

  • Pekka:

    In Mode1, the throttle and aileron are on the right stick. In Mode 3, the throttle and rudder are on the right stick.

    These are described in the manual of Walkera DEVO 7E.

  • Will do, thanks.

  • @Pekka: Nice work! Please contact Hamburger and send him your suggestion so that it will make it into his branch and the mwii wiki.

  • Admin

    Good work.

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