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  • The one in the video is my old one. It's just some aluminum bar in an x configuration with an arduino mega and a 10DOF off eBay. 4 motors 1050kv turnigy 2217's. The ESCs are 30amp cheapos from hobby king.

    The 10DOF was an ITG3200 based board and I highly recommend going with an MPU6050 based one.

    The lipo was a 3s 4.4AH 20C, also from hobby king.
  • Matt, can you tell us how your MultiWii Copter is actually set up?

  • Awe! Thank you.

  • I moved this project to a separate arduino which takes in serial (via radio) and outputs sum ppm:

    An Arduino sketch that converts serial commands to servo controls - mattwilliamson/Arduino-RC-Receiver
  • The link to the code is not working. :(

  • this is cool

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