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  • Troy - I'll do the best I can. I'm busy over the next 4-5 days. Check back again later next week. I'll try to give a better explaination.

  • Nathan - They are velcro. They are not very effective I found. I am considering replacing with strong magnets. But I doubt the effectiveness of magnets as well, especially in shear. I will have additional reinforcing tape along the seams on the exterior when all is said and done, but I continue to look for ways to avoid that to make the two haves readily accessible if necessary (more nylon screws????). Trying to think "outside the box".

  • @Acorn

    What are those little black round dots? They look like velcro. Do you use them to hold the two halves of the fuselage together?

  • totally aggree with Michael.

    I also bought a ARF Bixler2, I would really have prefered it was not already stuck.

    But it is a great plane anyway

  • I think you did the clever thing in purchasing the basic kit. 

    I've purchased a glued ARF skysurfer (same frame) and it is now far more difficult to insert the useful stuff into the fuselage.  My solution has been to cut holes and the lesson is to not buy an ARF again.


  • Photos 1 & 2 - Removable tailwing with nylon screw/insert

    Photo 3 - 3M Rubberized tap reinforcement on all flaps

    Photo 4 - Gorilla Tape reinforcment from the inside

    Photo 5 - Wooden dowel reinforcing the tail section

    Photo 6 - All important packaging tape reinforcement

    Photo 7 - My Pride & Joy

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