My company is producing a ground station


It Is a mini itx amd quadcore with a high bright lcd a solid state harddrive 2 front mounted usb built in 3dr radio dual video  RX with diversity video input for the onscreen HUD an additional 7" lcd with Output for your fpv googles it has 10ah of battery witch will run everything for around 3 hrs systems will be customizable and built to order here are some pictures of our prototype we are looking for feedback and suggestions

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  • That's the point it is rugged has the stuff you need is reasonably light weight  the daylight viewable lcd is a must in my opinion the reason for the banana plugs is so it can be charged many different ways to have an onboard power converter adds a ton of un needed weight yea the custom molded idea is something we are looking to do as soon as we get the design down we have done a good job of minimizing dead space but by molding it we can reduce dead space even further the charging mat  is not a bad idea we have been toying with using the Bluetooth to pass data from our station to a tablet or smartphone that can be mounted on the transmitter. Your right this setup is not practical for a park or short range flyer its geared more at someone who wants  to fly FPV at longer ranges we should look into doing a mini case for a short range flyer something much smaller lighter with the basic equipment

  • Well I guess if I was going to buy one I would want the following...

    A integrated qui standard charging mat for my mobile devices, a AC plug that uses a standard computer desktop plug for charging as well as banana plugs. It will have to be something that I cannot replicate myself, so I would expect custom molds and other custom tooling produced parts that would allow for innovative functionality, waterproof, the ability to survive checked luggage and a screen that has full visibility in direct sunlight. 

    Then again the more I fly the less gear I want to carry with me, and if I can get the data another way I will, mobility needs to be the main function and it needs to be light, as if I am flying or going to a remote place having to much or to heavy to carry everything in one trip it is a no go.

    I would rather buy one than build one so I just hope eventually there will be a offering that makes sense

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    Send me PM with you requerement and budget.

    But main profile of company - airframe design.

  • Love you both keep saying "My Company" but no one has provided a site or method to purchase. Come on... People are interested....

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    msrp? What is?

  • Just as a reference lazy whats the msrp on your box of gadgets ??
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    You look for GCS as a case with few RX, monitors and other gadgets.

    Is not a GCS.

    Is a still a case with few gadgets inside.

  • We will also offer a water tight case version
  • Ok so we are putting the options list together 1.3 ghz or 5.8 ghz 3dr 915 or Rdf900 7" lcd or 4.3 high brite lcd Transreflective or daylight readable 1hr 2.5hr or 5hr battery life videoinput for onscreen hud also hdmi out we will also offer a presale for diy drones users with a 40$ rebate base mosel price starts at 969$
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    This way, my company build a GCS too. :))) As a Tom station - PELI case, powerful comp, UPS and so on :))


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