My First Hexa Flight

Here is the first flight of my first hexa :D used software AC2.5.4 wich gave an excellent flight (I had 2 yaw twiches) Loiter still needing some work in software or PID. I think throttle rate is a bit higher causing those ups and downs. Alt hold seemed to work better with version 2.2. RTL worked pretty well and that option to disengage auto landing it's great. Thanks Marco and dev team. The hexa and the quad behave a little different. The hexa is almost as driving a 4x4 much more stable but still agile, it needs less angle to correct position. I'm not used to it yet. I know now that all my stability problems with my quad using 2.5.4 were due to too large props in a small frame. The hexa is much more forgiving about this. X650 pro Xaircraft frame, sunnysky x2212 980kv motors and 10x4.7sf apc props, 6000mah 3s 25/50c nanotech battery about 2kgs for all, having about 15m flight time with this config.

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  • Rui, I really enjoyed ur video, excellent !

  • I am using KDA20-22L they are 924kv and 10" props, I am waiting on some decent weather to tune it in further and then I will post my results for you.

    Regards Pete


  • Hello Rui
      Excellent results, congratulations and good flights!
      Daniel cordially

  • Hi Pete. I'm working with a RATE_P of 0.100, but at least with this motors, the configuration was most forgiven. I used values from 0.060 to 0.150 without any problems, I choose this value because I was not having oscillations and on fast descents was behaving well also.  I don't want it to bee too much agressive. What motors are you using ? maybe lower rpm motors or with less watts can use higher RATE P !

    I am using 10" props and they almost touch each other, in my X450 pro fram, when doing this with 12" props I had a great difficulty in tunning the quad properlly. Then I found out I should use smaller props. I believe the downwash was influencing the neighbours, but with the hexa I'm not having this effect :) magics of aerodinamycs


  • Well done I have the same Xaircraft C/F Frame and have found the same thing, much more stable.  Still tuning but found I had to push rate P to 0.193, now I have started to tune stabilize, will give you my results.

    Regards Pete


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