My first Mega flight

So after first connecting the engine the other way around, rain , and more rain, I finally managed to make my first flight in Stabilize mode. With just P-control on a Wingo clone, both at 0.06, it manages to maintain it's height perfectly, but it rolls around a bit.

Guess upping the P was a bit enthusiastic! I'm not posting anything revolutionary, but I'm very happy it flies :)

Picture of the APM mounted inside the plane, no video, sorry.

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  • Hehe, just glued in the fit for the brushless of my Projeti. It's just I didn't want to use anything new while testing the APM for the first time.
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    Switch to lipos you will never go back...
  • Sadly, I bought the Wingo clone from someone else, no diy involed as far as I know. Then again, he might have built it himself since I've never seen another one.

    I'm using those same batteries for everything, though I haven't connected the ESC to the APM directly, rather it powers the APM via the receiver. (yeah, that's a plane still flying NiCad. Old school!)

    Here's a couple of pics in case anyone's still interested:

  • Did you use 2 separate power sources? - I saw the batteries and got to wondering.. I have tried a couple of things to get my plane (a Dynam Hawk Sky) flying...

    1. Powering the APM and receiver using the ESC and leaving JP1 soldered. - Didn't work right at all
    2. Desoldering JP1 and connecting my battery (11.1V LiPo) to the ESC and to the APM in parallel -
    - Seemed to work, but resulted in loss of motor at throttle above 75%
    3. Connect 1 LiPo to the ESC and connected a 2nd LiPo to the APM w/ JP1 de-soldered

    Trial 3 seemed to work perfectly, but I don't think I want to drop 2 11.1V LiPos in the plane because that's getting to be pretty heavy. Do those results seem correct or am I not getting the results I should be?
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    or take few more photos from all other angles ( side , up , back ) and little away from airframe and post pls
  • that looks like a great diy job from the ground up. Can you put your camera in landscape mode and post more pics of your plane??
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