My First Quad

I decided recently after getting a chance to operate an Aeryon Scout that I would like to have a Quad UAS of my own. I have started my build of an H-Quad. The same design that was posted recently from It looked to be an easy frame to build and is essentially a X-formation Quad. Here are the preliminary photos and a list of parts. Since this is my first Quad build I would love to get as much input as possible. Thanks

Frame: Scratch Built H-Quad Frame

Motors: Turnigy D2836/11 750KV Brushless

ESC: Hobbyking SS Series 35-40 Amp ESC w/ 3 Amp BEC

Prop: x2 CC 11x4.7 and x2 CW 11x4.7

APM: APM 2.0 running Current ArduCopter Firmware.

Here are some pictures of th
e frame.3689468345?profile=original


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  • Good going Congrats !

  • I have only completed a very short indoor flight in a large hanger. Very stable.
  • With a 3600 mAh 3s flight weight is 3lbs climbs like crazy at just under 50% power. I am not sure what the max payload capacity is I am still trying to get a good feel of the thing and get it tuned out good.
  • Hey Joseph pls provide some more details how much takeoff weight it has so far and how much payload capacity ???

  • Nice videos what about indoor tests???

  • I got the videos uploaded to youtube. 


    External view

  • Well I had a great couple of flights today. I was able to test Alt hold at low and high alt. all went pretty good. minor drifting but winds were pretty brutal. I also tested loiter today and it did pretty good. I will have some little tweaking to do and I will also have to balance the props a bit more to get out the remaining vibration. All in all I am very impressed with the set up. I have some video but I will not have it up till later today. 

  • No actually I'm more concerned with vibration less platform and more lift, 750KV and large propeller should work great (as per theory), most quads are being built using 850Kv with 10x4.5 props and we see too much vibration and not much lift power there........Therefore I planned this combination and looking forward to see your results.....Good luck

  • are you saying with the stock Arducopter firmware it should perform nicely with no major tweaks?

  • I was just planning a quad with same specs waiting for your test flight video 750KV vs 11x4.7 prop should perform great....

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