My Hexacopter v2.0 (yes its another flamewheel)


Hi guys, This is my first blog post. I thought I would share with you my hexacopter. I call it v2.0 because I crashed it after the first build. I believe I had some issues with the compass being interfered with by the integrated PDB.

My specs are as follows:

Flamewheel 550 clone frame

Jdrones 850kv motors

Jdrones 10x4.5 props

Turnigy Plush ESC 25A (BLheli firmware)

Fr SKY RX with telemetry

Jdrones ioboard for telemetry link to 9x TX

Jdrones Ublox GPS

FPV transmitter, camera and receiver. (yet to be installed)

Anyways here are my pics:



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  • Solder everything up instead of using bullet connectors. Less weight, less resistance, less points of fail.

  • I bought a hex Flamewheel clone and in the forum somewhere it states that the clone arms are not as rigid as the DJi units. So I went and checked this out for myself, my response to that claim is I walked out of the hoppy shop with 6 DJi arms, there about 60% more rigid, and it lightened my pocket by 48 smakers, great investment.

  • What is wrong on those bullet connectors? I really want to know, because I use them almost everywhere. What should be the replacement?

  • Congrats for your first build. Just some points - if I may:

    - Get rid of as many of those bullet connectors as you can - there also seem to be quiet a few in the main powersupply.

    - Expect mag interference with this setup. Put FC higher with alu/copper groundplate or go for external mag.

    - Every GPS needs a groundplate don't go without it. (Aluplate or aluminium foil  or copper etc - square 6x6cm)

    - Try to put self locking screws on the prop mounts, normally those metal "hats" come loose - otherwise, check them after every flight...

    - Later on. You might experience better flightcontrol with 9 Inch props - something to keep in mind/try out.



  • MR60

    Nice build, especially if this is your first!

  • Where did you bought your frame? What is the total wheight? I want to grab my quad and transfer everything for a hexa but yet to chose a frame

  • What GPS is that with the wire coming out of the side?

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