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  • Well, if you asked the prosecution for evidence of jurisdiction, they might just withdraw the case...

  • Well there goes the 2015 Southeastern Regional Rock Skipping Championship....THANKS FAA!!

  • @Jared S Haha, Will do!

    I invite other members of DIYDRONES to submit their own illegal UAS flight videos.  It would make a fun YouTube playlist.

  • T3

    Make sure to turn on youtube syndication. Then they will no choice but to drag you before a judge.

  • Wow, I thought the exact same thing when I read that; they're gonna start regulating paper airplanes, rocks, dust, you name it. Congrats, you're now a wanted man, lol

  • Hi Brian,

    I have no doubt the FAA is planning immediate criminal and civil prosecution of this offense to the fullest extent of the law (or whatever they decide the law is anyway).

    Maybe we need a for profit, commercial paper plane fly in onto the White House Lawn or if the Secret Service would get upset about that how about the Quad.

    Of course they could get you for littering so don't forget to pick up your illegal UAS and deposit them in the nearest refuse container before you go.

    Best Regards,


  • Admin

    Now it is time for a little DIY Drones humor:-)


    TCIII Admin

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