My New AGV

You might remember the old one, which was just a prototype, this one is much better.

The new really big difference is the vehicle (you can see the name of it on the truck every where). I am pleased with the truck, a lot better than my $20 Rc hummer i was using before. This one has plenty of power to drive up inclines and through grass even though i still would only like to drive it on concrete or asphalt.

Also i made some custom PCBs for this purpose

If your interested in a PCB, i have extras i want to get rid of for $6 and free postage in the USA. If you want one then send me a message.

Here are the parts that go on the board:

I will be working on the code for the next few days. I have ran test code and rough AGV code and my custom board is working fine.

I bought a 3"x 2" x 1" plastic project box from Radio Shack and cut a few different holes for cables to go through. My custom AGV PCB goes inside.

The ESC, servo, and UBEC wires go through a hole in the top of the truck that was meant for the antenna.

The box is attached to the bed of the truck using velcro and the GPS is attached to the box using velcro

Here it is all finished. Just like before, the compass is mounted high in the air away from any magnetic interference from the electronics and motor.

I will post some video hopefully next week.

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  • New motor is on the way.
  • Of course i probably cant get a free replacement because they say they "test" them before they are shipped and after use they can not provide any kind of return or exchange. What ever, replacement motor is $8.
  • I will email them and try my best to get a free replacement. @ Bill, i would love feedback. The code is a lot from different parts of the internet that i have been able to combine or wrote some of my own to fill in the gaps. I was able to see how D would possibly work going at a low rate of speed.
  • hey Patrick

    I took a look at your code you posted above. It's a good start, but it has some bugs. I know this is still an early stage for you, so I'm just going to point out a few you might not realize.

    For one, you seem to have a heading PI controller. Personally, I use a PD controller, as it works best for me. The problem with the I term, is it is prone to what's called I term wind-up. You need to implement something to handle the wind-up. Did you ever tune the controller?

    That's a big one that jumps out at me. If you would like, I can give you more feedback. I figure I'd stop here to make sure you actually want the feedback before I go on.
  • i would contact them and just tell them it was defective then, doesn't sound like you abused it all. after looking up the truck and seeing it is just brushed, 540 size w/ a esc, it should be decently reliable - that combination has been around for a looooong time - i know i ran the brushed 540/esc ~25yrs ago and they were reliable then :) or for $38 looks like you can buy a new esc & motor - personally, i would try for a replacement due to defect, but if that doesn't work, $38 isn't too bad if it doesn't work out - i have never dealt w/ that company. good luck
  • here is the code. better_setup_code.pde
  • Do you mind sharing your code?
  • It wasnt very wet, makes me think it was defective. It wasnt stuck. If i could afford a traxxis, i would get one :P.
  • how wet was the grass? kind of seems more like it was shorted by something else or possibly defective. i have run electric buggies on and off for years and go out in a very light rain and have run them after a rain where the streets are wet and not had an issue. have gone through grass that was freshly watered w/ sprinklers, etc

    was the vehicle stuck? like all 4 wheels stuck?
  • Buy the Traxxis Summit... It can swim, has locking front and rear diffs, and has high/low gear.
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