My new octocopter frame

This is the new folding frame Project I am working on.


Can anyone tell me if it´s possible to control the eight counter rotating motors with ACM.

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  • hi, my name is Michel, I am in desperate need of a plant in a center plate autocad
    the octocopter. if someone can help. thank you!

  • That is true, the only benefit is from redundancy. I have run tests on a rig that prove this beyond any doubt.
  • two propellers on independent motors above each over running in the same direction will cause HEAVY vibrations, so you need counter rotating propellers (the only reason for this setup)

  • It could still work with Contra rotation on each arm. in fact probably better than conventional quad. The rudder input just alters the torque bias from the top motors to the bottom ones. To introduce a redundancy feature why not have top motors on one FC and the lower ones on the bottoms ones?
  • @Peter,


    Do you know why it is inefficient? Is it more efficient to counter rotate? This puzzles me!

  • Yes that will work but it is very inefficient the better solution is the Coaxial setup.
  • @ I.S Those are a little bit better than my diagram yes :)


  • @Davey

    Yes,it will work. It's what I was trying to explain. Both up & bottom props of each arm are the same type for each arm.

    The Arducopter wiki has a very nice drawings with very clear explanations. link

  • Fogive the ridiculous diagram (I have neither the time, software or patients to do a better job) but I've never understood why the yaw issue arises on an 8 motor quad. Would this not work?



  • @Peter

    You're right I spoked faster than thought.

    However, you can wire the motor and ESC so that up and bottom motors have the same rotating direction and thus each pair sporting same propeller type.

    That system will yaw same as a quad (no code change of any kind).


    PS: The problem could be that this way the prop wash is even more significant.

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