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  • Update:

    Just working thru flight testing this wing and figured I'd post some updated details that might be of intrest. For one I was able to get the ublox to SD logger working decently well. I am pulling information from the GPS 4 times a second (testing that 4hz update rate) and writing it to SD. I need to work on formatting the data a little better so its a one click solution to drop into goggle earth but right now it is working. I ran some rough calculations and it looks like I should be able to log for ~80days solid on a 2GB card :). If I am able to work on my formatting issues I plan on building a homemade shield for my arduino and throwing it onboard to see what kind of tracks I can make. This is the first step for me into autopilot is wrapping my head around gyro's accel's and making sense of DCM.

    The maiden flights on the wing are going well...some issues here and there but getting better each test flight. This weekend I readjusted my CG and was able to make a short maiden flight around my field before I started hitting some glitching issues (antenna run far to close to signal wires). The amazing note is the wing was hauling and extra 12oz of weight around today...just to see if it could (and we had a little wind so I figured a little weight would help). Power off handlaunches are still very easy considering the AUW of 45oz. Still retains nearly full vertical performance with that beastly scorpion motor.
  • Thanks Jaron.

    Right now I am only running an arduino board to wrap my head around the ardupilot code (basically just hacking chunks out and tweeking them so I understand whats happening). I do have an onboard camera and an OSD so technically I should be able to overlay information...I just have to figure out how to tie it together (my OSD is quite old).
    Right now I am trying to simply log the GPS data to a memory location so I can view my tracks in google earth. I was able to hack apart the ardupilot code to only display GPS coords to the serial monitor last night. Now I am going to try and get it to write to an SD card for logging purposes.
  • Yeah Curt,
    This is all Jaron's fault for coming up with such a nice design for a flying wing! ;) He also has designed a plane that takes off from the water that is really slick. I also just got my ublox last night and I'll post the results with the UAV DevBoard when I get things working. Do you have a means of showing how well Ardupilot works with the ublox in your wing, like an onboard camera or GPS data logger?
  • Looking forward for the maiden curt!
  • Bill,
    Thanks, I have seen Bryan's wing as well. He did an amazing job building it. I actually started thinking wing for UAV from Jaron's flying wing from a while back...which I believe Bryan based his wing upon. Its all just one big circle of wings. :)

    Just working on getting arduino playing nice with the ublox tonight. Hopefully I'll have something I can walk around my field with this week...then the neighbors will really think I'm crazy.
  • T3

    Your work horse looks great.

    Bryan Cuervo built something similar. If you have not already seen it, you might find his blog interesting.

    Best regards,
  • Thanks for the URL reading it now.
  • Thanks Matt. The airfoil is from a zagnut based flying wing :
    Its 5mm depron curved over a tapered spar. I used 8mm depron on the wing bottom for a little more strength and to keep it from curving.
  • Congrats on a job well done - its looks great. The airfoil looks very well shaped - what was your method?
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