This is my second attempt at a twin boom. Made from 9mm depron hot glue and nylon re-enforced tape, with a 2m wingspan. The wing is a KF2 profile with a single c/f rod for stiffening.

Running a 2200kv motor 8 inch prop and 2200mAh battery. Weighs in at a tad under 650grams. Had the motor running at about 60% throttle for over 25 minutes. At full throttle it can almost go vertical. I haven't decided what features to have in the nose cone yet so its just curved depron.


I'm waiting for the wind to settle here in Bedford UK to do some test flights. I'm sure we have more then the average number of windy days here.

My first attempt was similar using a KF3 wing at 1.2m span, which i stalled and crash within the first 10 seconds of flying. I was still happy, as it was me, not the plane that was at fault.


Anyway this my second go, some tweeks still needed once I get a chance to do some low level tests done.

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Comment by T.D. Gonzales on April 30, 2011 at 3:36pm
For flight testing I would add some weight to the nose. Maybe some putty to simulate the sensors you are actually going to put in.
Comment by Barry Bridges on May 1, 2011 at 2:46am

Yes, thats a good idea, but I can see the fuselage changing quite a bit. My first plan is to get the wing right. It's only stiffen with one c/f box rob at the moment covering the centre 1m. This seems fine for what i have here, but i wish to add an other 2200mAh battery to get some serious duration. I think that's going to require full span stiffening. As for the fuse, although it has plenty of space to carry everything access is an issue plus with any extra weight i'm going to have to move the motor back by an inch or so to get the CG right. The control surfaces are going to need resizing too.


Being a newbie its all a learning process and the good thing about using depron is its cheap and easy to work with. Also it is quite good at protecting the major components ready for the next model.


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