My setup to use droidplanner


I am designing this TX mod to use Droidplanner with big phones or tablets. I am planning to use for photogrametry with multicopters and planes.

I use mavlink telemetry through gitsly/openLRSng (
I think it is a great solution because it is only one antenna for controls and telemetry, very simple and clean solution.

Telemetry stream through openLRSng is slow (19200bps maximum) than I've tried it works perfectly except because droidplanner failed to load the parameter list probably due a timeout, All the rest seems to work perfectly.

I connect my Note with 20cm OTG cable, i have build a custom module cover to fit into a FTDI adapter:



Droidplanner seems well made software, very quick, very intuitive.
My sincere congratulations to droidplanner team

Hope you like!!!


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  • Arthur, may I offer you a suggestion to introduce a screen on the DP to just monitor all the "vitals" in a nice big font, data like pack voltage, amps used/ being used, GPS status (3d lock, num of sats, hdop), altitude, distance from home,time since last arm, flight mode. Just nice big clear font on a uniform background. Also it would be nice to setup audible alarms on things such as voltage(several increments), amps used (several increments) GPS glitch, flight mode announecemnt.
    And regarding the baud rates :) i be honest it took me forever to compile Rolf's program for teense in arduino IDE, and I have no idea how to compile and load progs for android, but you now see that there are some low baud rates available, so you could add an option for 38 and 19baud I am pretty sure for you it will be 100 times easier than for me :D. Thank you for the planner anyways, it is an awesome prog, I use it with 3dr radios and bluetooth.
  • Developer

    @Jose Luis Cortes: It looks great. I might need to get one of those modules.

    About the parameters issues, I have encountered it lately with a couple of copters. And I'll be working on a fix for a near release of DP.

    @Artem: You can change the data rate to anything you want on DP, if you compile it yourself.

  • I like the set up. where did you buy those mount or you just printed it?

  • @ Jose, are you running orange TX?  or the dtfUHF in a JR module, or the hawkeye JR? 

  • Hi Artem, 19200bps is the RF datarate (0==4800bps 1==9600bps 2==19200bps), but you use a diferent speed to conect pixhawk and missionplanner, droidplanner... this other speed is 38400bps, 

    droidplanner 2 can connect 38400, 57600 and 115200

    I have tested with missionplanner, with droidplanner and with openTX (9XR) and all works perfect and stable.

    The only problem at this moment is the parameter list, in pixhawk have very long parameter list (i don´t know why) and it takes some minutes in update parameters from pixhawk to missionplanner, and it fail in droidplanner (a timeout or something like this)


    progress bar always stop here. I hope to find a solution to this problem.

    Hi Neil!, Thanks for your comments about Spidex V3

  • Also you better check the swr on that antenna. Those handy talkie antennas like a pretty big chassis to work. I found this out when I used a chassis mount and a handheld antenna on my plastic motorcycle.
  • These guys make really nice frames too. I have the spidex v3. Check them out.
  • Slick Solution, so in theory it would work with any serial connection...

    We may want to experiment with some other wireless connection devices that can do higher data rates while covering larger distances...

    Although I limited to larger craft I have set up a directional on-craft antenna using a few extra parts I had, and made a pair of directional high gain mounts both with tilt and pan...

    ultimately I have had better luck with targeted systems rather than just upping the wattage... and if we can even reduce the RF footprint it will ultimately make the system more stable,

    My goal has been to use a two point tracker one on craft one on basestation, using bidirectional equipment I think this would be far superior and much less invasive, not to mentioned the ability for more than 3 flyers together...

    Really Like the setup, 

  • hi, how wee you able to change droid planner baud to 19200? I thought the max low it could go was 56k   I do use openlrsng telemetry passthrough mavlink, but was able to connect to the MP so far. also, which version of gitsly branch as well as which Tx module are you using?  I have DTF UHF, but the last gitsly brunch wont compile for it (too big) so I am limited to the master brunch without mavlink optimization, this yields huge packet losses, so even MP has difficulties connecting to it sometimes. 

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