I present you my TBS Discovery with my own gimbal platform. Carbon half aluminum half I made ​​thanks to my cnc milling machine.
Here are some pictures of the assembly.3689572733?profile=original3689572649?profile=original3689572756?profile=original3689572820?profile=original3689572773?profile=original

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  • Could you share your CNC's plans? Looks awesome!


    Congrats for the build!


  • Ced,
    Nice work!
    What kind of cnc do you have?
    I just sold my Bridgeport and decked fp3l manual mills and am looking for a decent little cnc.
  • @Artem

    Thank's, I do not remember, I will weigh the next time I have to disassemble.


    This is the next step

    @ Dave


    This is a video of my first test, but it has already fly

  • Looks very nice! Well done!
  • Many of the newer gimbals tarot & stella come to mind, dont enclose the gopro in a box, but simply include a peice to clamp over the lens. That helps reduce weight.

  • @ramsay

    thank you for my cnc quality, this also my homemade cnc


    Yes I have already tested, but it was my first version in which there is no suspension.

  • looks nice, how much does it weight? 

  • Looks nicely made.  Have you tested it yet?

  • Looks high quality CNC! I'm jealous!

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