My Tilt-Tricopter on Gears

I built a Tricopter that front motors can tilt forward to gain speed.

I also added gears so that It can take-off and land like a plane !!!

Motors also can tilt-backward so it looks like a Scorpion with high tails and can move backward on gears .



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  • Thanks for the feedback.

    I am using multiwii....

    I changed the code abit and modified Tilt_TRI. I used channels for gimbal servos to control front motors, but as I mentioned after modifying the code so that the board "understands" these are control servos not for camera, and updated the thrust logic to increase front motors when flying forward.

    This is still a primary sample....I plan to port it to Ardu and try to make UAV using this vehicle. It should be interesting.



  • That's genius! I would like to see more pictures of the mechanism and how the FC responds to the movement.

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