Hey all I finally took some pictures, nothing really different about my UAV. It will have a police scanner in it is whats in it.Video Tx (25 miles)....slight overkill for the momentO.S LA 40 Engine12v Battery Pack4.8v Battery PackArduPilot (on the way first board went toast)XBee (On the way)Ground SideEndurance RC Tx (Computer joystick to Radio TX)Video ReceiverGE Telemetry (On the way)Internet Video Stream (On the way)Still Image Geo-Referencer (Home grown and proud of it :-D )

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  • As of right now its not on there, but the idea would be to assist news agencies if I were to operate the UAV up to 5 miles away with the system from, . This is just to show that the idea of communications can be placed on the UAV. Once I get my armature radio license, I might be able to place a repeater on there. Almost like the post here.
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  • Bill, Can you say more about the on-board police scanner? What function does that serve being on the plane itself?

  • Yep, thats the transmitter . The video software I'm using is VDub.....I find it awesome.

    As for the Geo-Referencer, at the current moment it takes the NEMA code from my garmin (as a txt file) i open it in excel and run a macro to make the data in each line a world file.
  • Cool functional platform. I'd like to learn more about your still pics georeferencer. Is it anything you could share information about? If you have any link, i am interested. It would be nice. Thanks much.
  • Nice plane! Not very far from mine at least in looks and camera placement :) although mine is electric and all white.
    What is the black box in the first pic with the golden colored bits close to RCA, is it the video TX? Can I ask which make/model video TX you are using?
    I have yet to pick my main Tx, just using a 50mW micro tx now for testing.
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