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  • Why do you have to show the UAV landed on a mosque ? is it a symbol of terrorism to you ? This video might offend some of the muslim viewers. 


    By the way, my team and I had develop similar design UAV with Paparazzi autopilot.  

  • Very interesting idea Jacob!


    I am also on a team, we are actually working on a semi ridged frame with detachable wings. We are attempting to stay aloft the full 3 hours on target. We have found some solar cells that actually seem to give an advantage over the weight.

  • I do agree that the stability in vertical flight is the most critical part. As for the stator I worked on, I was able to to get repeated 60+% slot fill where normally it was 40+%. 60+% is VERY high.

  • I wasn't trying to be overly negative, or say that it can't work.  I was just saying it is not the most inherently stable VTOL platform.  Also, if you can find someone that makes a VP EDF, I would be very interested to play with one.  As for the second video you posted,  the main reason it is staying stable is the pendulum effect of lifting from the top, and like you said the fact that its rotors wash over the control surfaces, both things not seen in your design/animation.


    (even I was able improve performance by automating a fly winding technique to increase the number of  turns thus increasing torque)

    NICE - Hand winding is a pain!  What percent increase in turns did you achieve?

  • Also check out an older UAV design I submitted to DARPA... I spoke them it didn't go anywhere but it was interesting thought process to go through....

  • btw thanks for the feedback I really appreciate it!

  • A day after I submitted my video this popped up on my suggestion bar... if you notice the propellers wash onto the control surfaces to increase maneuverability.... no gyros... foam body.... 

  • It all depends on $. If both engines can have variable thrust (or variable pitch) and can quickly move their nozzles at high angles then its up to the control algorithm. Just yesterday I saw a tail sitter that didn't have gyros stay balanced. I guarantee you its all about $ not if it can be done. If I had a million dollar budget I would buy a neural net AHRS from these guys...

    As for the EDF...I used to work for a fortune 500 company that specialized in Factory Automation(PM servos). Permanent Magnet motors are as efficient as their respective designer. Increasing torque or speed is easy with the right designer... (even I was able improve performance by automating a fly winding technique to increase the number of  turns thus increasing torque)

    Its all about $... I will try to post a link of the tail sitters I've seen. What I like about this idea is that it can scale up to a full fighter and thus we can scale down aircraft carrier size. 

  • True, the Saturn V did that, like other rockets, but a 6 million pound rocket is going to be affected by the crosswind less (density/shape) and more slowly (inertia) than a 6 pound uas.  

  • I believe Saturn V rockets balanced a lot of weight just using thrust vectoring.  Still other issues with EDFs though.  But you win for coolest video!

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