It is time! With three years of research behind us and less than two months left before the first flight on June 16th, it is time to gather all the equipment, reservations and team members together to make the USA trip!!

See all the details here:

Donate if you can! Share it with your friends! Lets get the word out!

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  • Sell the Raptor after the flight! Plus you can offer back-up Raptor(s) after the trip concludes.

    Mobile home ads offer looks promising as well (that is if you want to attract the attention on the road).

    Make your USA trip page a bit more descriptive and offer ads on that page as well.

    Create a progress page for the trip itself - ads there would be worth a few bucks. Offer lifetime ads on progress page, say for a grand a pop.

    Send offers to the equipment companies, ask them if they want to support the trip and have their ads permanently on your page(s).

    Dude, for this little money - it'll be easy to do.

  • Make a advertisment area on your mobile home which you rent for the USA trip. A lot of space for a lot of adds.

  • Gary: Right. Agreed. Suggestions for perks in that $ range?

  • Monroe: Thank you for the huge compliment! I'll reach out to you here shortly!

    Mark: The best way is to email me:

    Philippe: I've noticed that as well. I wanted to leave it for 24 hours to see how it shook out, and it looks like the ratio is about the same. I'm already thinking of other perk ideas, do any of you have any suggestions? What perks could I offer for that price range?

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    What Philippe said

  • Hey Trent,

    just and observation: Only 650$ of your medium priced backings are still available (in the range of 50$-250$). Therefore if these are sold, then you still would have to collect just short of 4000$ with the 5-40$ backings, (or in other words 100 backers with the 40$ backing). Even if you sell a raptor youd still need 38 backers who give 40$. 
    Dont get me wrong I love your project and I really think that you can succeed with the flight and the backing campaign, however I think that you chances of success would be higher if you would add some more backing options in the medium price range, because I think that there are a lot of people who would like to give more then 40$, but do not want to afford the 2500$ raptor.

  • Hey Trent!

    How do I get in-touch with you?



  • Thank you Jake for your support!

  • 25 bucks added. Good luck to you guys!

  • Euan: Ha ha! I am immortal! 

    Hugues: Crap. Secret is out. Men in Black style... I LOVED the "and he just makes us believe he fooled around with some horrid plane design for a while and that it took that many years to find out a simple wing was best" that was AWESOME! So funny. Seriously, when I first started I had SO much to learn. Thank you for your patience.

    Toby: That is a bit frightening. I sure wish the FAA would just define things clearer, which allow us to actually operate with a totally free conscience. Grey area for sure. As was said earlier though, this has been done before, and their team were sponsored by companies, etc. And they did it with Paul Harvey broadcasting their progress to the whole nation, and landed in front of dozens of world leaders, including General Jimmy Doolittle! (see:

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