Finally! Time to publish and share my USA Trip Videos. I'll be releasing one each day starting December 1st through December 8th.

You can watch in on:
MyGeekShow's Website:
YouTube Channel:
DIYDrones Blog Post:
FliteTest Article:

The videos will be:
Dec 1st - Getting to California
Dec 2nd - Setting Up
Dec 3rd - First Flight
Dec 4th - The Longest Day
Dec 5th - The End
Dec 6th - Lessons Learned
Dec 7th - Team Interviews
Dec 8th - The Next USA Trip

I can't wait! Tell your friends! : )

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  • @Darrell: They will be the best I can make them, I have so much video and it was rarely at the best angle or with solid audio, we were just so focused on keeping the plane in the air. But, I'll do the best I can!

    @Seth: I only ask as "Safely, Legally, and Ethically" is one of the main brands and primary efforts of the show for the last 5 years and 280+ videos. Watch for a complete USA trip overview. You'll notice that Safety is number one and has always been.

  • Perception is everything. I'm familiar with the project, watched the video, and only voiced a safety concern. 

  • MR60

    @Seth, you're wrong. This has been done totally safely and legally. Check the history of this before talking negatively.

    @Trent, looking forward to the next steps. Thx for posting.

  • Is the backstory relevant to safety concerns regarding what was presented in the video?

  • Hey Trent! This is good news. Thanks for putting these together. If they are anything like your other videos I'm sure they will be great fun to watch. Wish I had half your energy. 

  • Hello Seth. Are you familiar with the USA trip project and MyGeekShow's history?

  • It appears that in this video you were flying from inside a moving vehicle, along a highway, without a visual observer, and possibly above 400' AGL. This is why we're going to get restrictive regulations. 

  • @Quadzimodo Thanks! I'm looking forward to seeing if we take away the same learnings.

  • Looking forward to learning more about the experience you gained as well as what you plan to do differently next time round.
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