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  • The RQ-4 is the only 1 certified to fly over US unattended because it goes higher than commercial airplanes. Upgrade those easystars for 60,000ft & you're clear. That was buried in a blog several weeks ago. Go home to a faster internet connection to find it.
  • Chase plane was only for the initial recertification test flight. Any shots from the chase plane were done a few months back.
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    So was the chase plane there to keep it legal in the NAS???
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    thanks James. Let me read each link/word and find out about each terminology you have said so that I can understand more. I will get back to u soon with mil questions more . thank u once again. any pictures are highly appreciated , any thing that matters......
  • For starters this should be a lot of help for what is in the plane.

    As for redundancy, everything is redundant 2 to 4 fold. For example there are 2 Kearfott's for navigation and a couple LN-100's as back-up.

    The airplane is broken up into zones (payload bays) and for each bay or bay group in some cases there is separate EIP, Ethernet Switch and TRU (this reduces the need for heavy DC lines having to run throughout the plane). All signals that the scientists use run separate from the planes necessary equipment so as not to cause interference.
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    @ James , I wouldn't know where to start , pls feel free to lecturer me , I am all ears & urs.
    for starters , I am more interested in the bulb ( antenna and avionics bay, what are the basics on electrical isolation , how many power bus/ batt do the prof use, how what where when from me kills my professor so let me not do that to you :(,so u can have your own pick Sir, like what type of redundancies and where are they, are they mandatory , where else , what type of redundancy are basic etc. I have seen a close up of predator antenna pod on top in internet , but what is the size( dia) of sat antenna. what band/mode are preferred, etc will be highly appreciated by me at least if not many others. Any thing that matters is all grins :))))), Thank you very much in advance for your insight.
  • Here's more info (mission & video) from NASA's Dryden research facility:
  • What would you like to know?
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    Hi James , what can you tell us about that bird that we can learn/use in our diy stuff ? thanks
  • I know that hanger well...I've done most of the equipment installations/mods for that bird.
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