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  • @Tom, Thats awesome!  Steve's beer fetching rover is by far my favorite :)  His rover made out of a cooler that take pictures of wild life in his yard is exactly what I'm doing with my rover.  I have photos of bunnies, racoons, deer, and even a fox! :)  I'm making wildlife videos that I plan on making into blogs this summer.  Glad to hear that he is moving onto the Arduino 

    @Linus/Alex, The tiger are so darn cute!

    @Eduardo, I was thinking the same thing about the equipment but then I realized that most Nat Geo wildlife scientist are just hobbyist like all of us! :) 

  • the rover video is very comic .

    I expect much more professional equipment from NAT GEO.

    I see tons of problem typical from amateurs.

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    I particularly like the rover :-)

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    This is truly a great type of use for the rover!

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    I have worked with Steve "Mad Scientist" Norris on a number of his projects that have appeared on his website. Until recently he was a big fan of the Parallax Propeller mcu, but appears to be moving on to Arduino and BeagleBone mcus.



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