NAVIO Autopilot for Raspberry Pi is on Indiegogo!

Emlid team proudly announces the start of pre-order campaign for Navio - autopilot shield for Raspberry Pi. That means that you can get a Navio for yourself at a very attractive price. Please visit Navio page at Indiegogo and watch our video. If you would like to support our project, please help us spread information about Navio.

Navio features:

  • MPU9250 - 9DOF IMU
  • MS5611  - Baro
  • U-blox NEO7-M / NEO6-T - GPS 
  • PCA9685 - 13xPWM 
  • ADS1115  - 4xADC
  • PPM/S.Bus input
  • DF13 SPI, UART, I2C
  • RGB led 

Best regards,

Emlid team

Indiegogo Navio

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  • Is it compliant for u-blox GPS NEO-M8N?

  • Backed and reposted on out social media!!  Thank you!!

  • George, thank you!

    Final version of Navio has MPU9250 on SPI.

  • Great project! Will you ship the final version with MPU on i2c or SPI?

  • Dmitry, thanks for your kind words!

  • Thank you very much! I love your project!!

  • Edward, we use Linux kernel with real-time patch from Ingo Molnar. We did real time performance tests and the results are looking very good, max latency is only 77 microseconds. You can find more information about it and a link to download real-time Raspbian in our blog post.

  • Dmitry, base station is needed only for sending correction data in any format that RTKLIB supports. We use u-blox NEO6-T and even though it says up to 5Hz, in fact it can be pushed up to 10Hz.

  • That's great!!! I thought you need a base station to calculate.

    You are using u-blox neo 6-T receiver on Navio for raw data, right? What frequency did you achieved? 5 hertz?

  • Dmitry, with RTKLib position computation is performed on Raspberry Pi. Correction are transferred using RTCM. You can use another RPi+Navio as a source of RTCM or any other base station. Also corrections could be received from NTRIP servers using 3G/4G modem.

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