We are happy to announce the new version of our Raspberry Pi autopilot - Navio+, that was developed to run APM under Linux. With more than 300 Navios in the wild we’ve got plenty of feedback and now it is time for an upgrade. We have been so busy testing and flying it, that almost forgot to share our latest progress.

For those who never heard of Navio - Navio is a sensor and connectivity shield that allows to run APM’s Linux port directly on Raspberry Pi. Compared to the classic autopilot hardware it is more flexible and provides higher performance for additional tasks as well as for scientific and research purposes. For example, it is possible to perform GPS real-time processing or image recognition.

Full HD video from Raspberry Pi Camera Module can be streamed over long-range Wi-Fi or LTE thanks to the Raspberry Pi’s built-in hardware 1080p H.264 encoder.

To achieve better performance we provide Raspbian image with kernel patched by RT-PREEMPT patch from Ingo Molnar that allows for minimal latencies and real-time scheduling.



Here’s a list of main features of the new version:

  • New version is compliant with Raspberry Pi’s HAT standard, it fits both on Raspberry Pi Model A+ and Model B+. Our favorite combination is with Raspberry Pi A+, it is very compact and fits on a 250mm copter frame nicely.

  • Power module port for Pixhawk-compatible power modules. Power module provides clean power to Raspberry Pi and sensors from a Li-Po battery as well as current and battery voltage information.  

  • New GNSS receiver - U-blox NEO-M8N, latest generation multi-constellation receiver that supports GPS/Glonass/Beidou and provides better precision and higher update rate.

  • Triple source power supply with ideal diodes - now you can power your Navio+ simultaneously from power module, servo rail and Raspberry Pi’s USB. And if one power supply fails Navio+ simply switches to another.


And other improvements:

  • New MCX antenna connector for solid connection.

  • New RGB LED that looks much smoother.

  • Additional LED indicators.

  • Extended voltage range for PPM input - both 3.3V and 5V are supported.

  • AUX input\output for custom purposes.


Navio has already successfully driven rovers (Himoto Mastadon, Wild Thumper) as well as controlled copters (HobbyKing Spec FPV250 V2) and planes (Multiplex Easystar 2, Hobbyking Bixler 2).


You can get more information about Navio+ on our website - www.emlid.com

Best regards,
Emlid team

P.S. Check out the video of Navio copter fighting with an air flow above the table:


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  • Vishwanath, yes you can connect to Raspberry over 3G and send telemetry.

  • Stephen, great that you got Raspberry B+. We support airspeed sensor, but have not tested it yet. If for some reason it would not work we will make sure to fix it as soon as possible, just let us know.

  • Does the Navio+ build of APM support the I2C airspeed sensor?

  • Just ordered a Raspberry Pi B+ - I will get it going on this until the Odroid-C1 build is ready to go.

  • Hello Kabir,

    You mean the short one? As far as I remember that's the cable that came together with a smartphone power bank:)

  • Developer

    Hey Mikhail,

    Where'd you get the microUSB cable in the second photo? I've been searching for ages for similar ones.



  • @Gennadiy Andreev

    HAT standard allows not to do these cutouts. We couldn't fit them properly, so decided to skip them. Anyway, the display and camera cables can be put out from the side of the board.

  • Great to see Navio evolving, keep up the good work guys! Btw, shouldn't Raspberry Pi HATs have cut-outs for display and camera connectors?

  • @Stephen - Navio+ gets its power from the power module or servo rail and pushes it back through ideal diode to the 5V pin on 40-pin header. Just tested it - ODROID-C1 does get its power from Navio.

  • @Mikhail - how does the Navio power the board?  This would be fantastic as the power connector on the Odroid could have cost us a better place at the OBC.

This reply was deleted.