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Hi guys!

Want to share what we have been working on lately, it is an autopilot shield for Raspberry PI. It is called Navio and has everything what you will usually find on an autopilot platform. A powerful platform like Raspberry gives many opportunities like streaming video, 3g,wi-fi, ethernet connectivity and possibility to run computation intensive algorithms like Kalman filtering or RTK GPS. RTK or real time kinematics is one of the main features of the board, it is equipped with a GPS capable of providing raw data output: carrier phase, pseudo-ranges and ephemeris. Processing this data against a stationary receiver increases GPS positioning accuracy to centimeters. A radio link between the two is required, but you anyway have it to GCS. If network RTK is available in your area, you can use corrections from the internet over 3G thus eliminating the need in second receiver.

Our plans include porting APM to Raspberry Pi + Navio.

MS5611 barometric pressure sensor
MPU9150 (MPU9250 on future models) 3-axis gyro, accelerometer and magnetometer.
ADS1115 16-bit ADC
PCA9685 PWM extender to control servos
u-blox NEO6T GPS module with raw data on SPI, we saved the only UART on raspberry for Xbee or different telemetry.
13 servo connectors
Pixhawk compatible UART, I2C and SPI connectors
RGB LED – just because we love them


What we wanted to know if there is any interest in platform like this, because we have everything ready for manufacturing and to keep the cost down we need to manufacture as many as possible. We have written tutorials how to use the board and are now preparing them for publishing, all code for the board will be released under open source license. Some more pictures and details are available on our website.

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  • Great project.. by the way... which is the 4WD frame that you are using on the 2nd picture? cheers! hernan.

  • RT-PREEMPT, max latency is about 70 microseconds.  You can read more here.  If you are interested in Navio+, you can write me directly to igor.vereninov at

  • Which kind of real time Linux, could you be more precise please? My company may be interested.

  • Richard, we run Real-time Linux, so this is not an issue.

  • This is very interesting, but would the actual reliability be the same on a non real time operating system like Linux as it is on the Pixhak platform running on a RT system?

  • There is new version of Navio available - Navio+ . APM port is fully functional and Navio+ is a ready to fly autopilot.

  • This mind sound completely idiot but how is it compare to Pixhawk and other wellknown FC. Because it is the new product, I would love to try it out but I'm just wondering if how it function compare to other FC on the market. I have switched from DJI products to Ardupilot just because it is open source and the community here is so nice that I can't resisted. I would love to hear from developers themselves even though I know that Raspberry PI is very powerful but the problem that i'm facing at the moment with Pixhawk and APM is Vibration and Magnetic interference.
    I hope that you can solve this problem just like the naza where they manage to squeeze everything together without the hassle.



  • is Navio compatible with Raspberry Py B+???

  • Emlid.. Really cool.. Outstanding job.. Have you made it available.. I wan to buy one..
  • How is it going with the Linux porting?

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