Naze32 and Paparazzi UAV


Paparazzi UAV, an open-source uav platform, is breathing new life, so to speak, into 20K RAM Naze32 and CC3D autopilots. That's great news for anyone that might already own these class of autopilots and would like to use Paparazzi UAV on them(link to GitHub). Of course, there is a limit to the number of modules/features you can have active at any given time due to the RAM restrictions. That being said, you can still do a lot of interesting flight scenarios within the confines of 20K. Check out the Paparazzi GitHub pull request for Naze32 support details. Enjoy!

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  • @eduardo

    Seriously Pro Racing F3 (SPRacingF3)

    1) official website

    2) description in Cleanflight docs on GitHub 

    3) manual

    Seriously Dodo board (official website) is a clone of the SPRacingF3 board in terms of CPU pin mappings but with different ports and more cheap sensors. Here is detailed description of differences in Cleanflight docs

    Seriously Pro Racing - SPRacingF3 Flight Controller
  • where i can see the schematic of this boards killerovsky ?

  • What about Paparazzi support for more advanced Naze32-inspired boards like Seriously Pro Racing F3 or Seriously Dodo, etc? This boards have more than 20K RAM - usually 64-256K RAM.

  • @Linus, the changes are in the mainline/latest. If you clone or grab the latest development you will get the right set of bits. It will be a part of 5.8 when that is frozen. Also, I would recommend Linux Ubuntu for running/developing Paparazzi. The Mac OS X version is experiencing some issues related to lablgtk library dropping X11 support and the migration to El Capitan(a.k.a. El Crapitan).

  • Linus, i am very curious on how you do to put pprz code in a UBD3 board.

    Did you ported the code to work on dspic ?

  • Developer

    @earthpatrol indeed thats great! Should enable lots of people to try Paparazzi :)

    Can you point me in the right direction how to install it on a naze or cc3d ? The wiki says to install stable 5.6 and i would need 5.8 i think?

    My last experience with Paparazzi was with a mini Skywalker some years ago, im keen to try it again!

  • @earthpatrol Cheers!

  • @Damian good question. Autonomous flight, multiple UAV flight management, intruder detection, open-source community, mature code base, etc... are a few things that keep me interested in Paparazzi. Things like cleanflight/baseflight didn't exist when I was looking for UAV systems to support, only MultiWii software was around. It was great for RC flying multirotors but doesn't really compare to what I can do with Paparazzi. There's an analogy in there somewhere. I still use MultiWii to fly some of my RC multirotors but when I'm working on reliable autonomous flight systems without restrictions, I reach for Paparazzi.

  • Thank you very much!! That's really great news!

    BTW: I don't know how often sin/cos functions are called in Paparazzi but if it is not too much you can get away without those sin tables with this:

    The numbers I got from my testings are: Max Abs Error: 0,00000688 Deg, Speedgain: 28%. It is slower than a table but still reasonable fast and accurate.

    Just a web copy. Contribute to Crashpilot1000/HarakiriWebstore1 development by creating an account on GitHub.
  • paparazzi vs cleanflight/baseflight?? pros/cons each? thanks

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