Naze32 and Paparazzi UAV


Paparazzi UAV, an open-source uav platform, is breathing new life, so to speak, into 20K RAM Naze32 and CC3D autopilots. That's great news for anyone that might already own these class of autopilots and would like to use Paparazzi UAV on them(link to GitHub). Of course, there is a limit to the number of modules/features you can have active at any given time due to the RAM restrictions. That being said, you can still do a lot of interesting flight scenarios within the confines of 20K. Check out the Paparazzi GitHub pull request for Naze32 support details. Enjoy!

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  • yeah ... i am very happy with this new options on pprz software.

    My jumper260 are ready to fly this afternoon.

  • @Linus pretty cool, huh? When's that last time a project back-ported the software to make old hardware relevant? Once you get your Naze32 flying and are looking to take the next step, I would recommend either the Elle0 or LisaMX from1bitsquared. Really solid hardware that just works.

  • Developer
    That is a nice a nice early Christmas present for me. I just though I want to give paparazzi a go. Now I don't even need new hardware :)
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