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  • Question for somebody at 3DR, why no control of GoPro's shutter speed, exposure, and ISO?

  • I liked the advertising very much, It makes me remember one of the greatest movies ever made: "2001 Space Odyssey" which makes its opening showing a group of primates wondering what could it be that thing (the monolite).

  • Yes, I saw that. I really need to see the internals, understand the flight controller and what the radio is before I dive in. I am a more open concept guy. Like flexibility to add (and delete) stuff. If it is simply an attempt to compete with the Phantom, it may just be for aimed at the Apple crowd. Folk who just want to plug in and go, not really want to know the inner workings.

  • You can relax now, Ian:

    3D Robotics is set to release its own new drone next week, dubbed the Solo and priced around $1,000. The company spent $10 million over 18 months on the black four-rotor helicopter.

    A Consumer-Drone Pioneer: ‘We’re Learning as We Go’

  • I will not buy one if it is 5K. That is ridiculous. I make upgrades for the Iris and Iris + if they want me to continue to do so, they need to price it aggressively. 5K severely limits my market.

  • Triangle sort of hints at a tracer1 module(considering follow-me and vision markers will be the rage this year).

    And I thought the monkeys were homage to 2001 Space Odyssey, dawn of man (now I'm old).

    See ya next week.
  • JordiandSolo.jpgNot sure if this has been posted, looks smaller than I thought!

  • SOLO is clearly designed to compete with the Phantom3, including timing of the release.  I am sure 3DR rushed it.  SOLO pricing will likely be similar to the P3 which is $999- $1259.  This will put SOLO in between IRIS+ and XR8 from a pricing standpoint.  Let's see how 3DR rejiggers the packaging to make the price points work.

  • Funny =)~

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