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  • Heathyfaboy - Sounds like you are describing a smart battery.
  • 3DR thing* ;)

  • So... you are a monkey if you use it...

    Bad advertising. If you want to do a cleaver ad... do monkeys to the Inspire... humans to the 3rd thing.

    Anyway... nice try. We will see if it changes anything.


  • Figures, my new Iris+ just arrived about a week ago.......

  • T3

    You can also see that what's on top with the array of lights also looks like a battery pack of some sort. There are two spares in the case with the same row of lights on it. Looks like it just slides on and off for a quick swap. Maybe some of the power sensing electronics are part of it? The power cable is also stored in the case, which likely goes to a charger. To the right is also the phone mount for the transmitter, which looks adjustable and is something I would definitely appreciate.

    There was no 3DR radio connected to the phone that the monkey was carrying on the transmitter. No clue if that will mean direct WiFi link or if there is a separate link going from the transmitter to the phone but they may have wanted to keep things simple for the primate.

    The transmitter is definitely intriguing. It didn't look like there were hardly any switches on the face of it. Two gimbal sticks, what looks like a knob for possibly flight modes on the top left, a sliding switch on the top right, and that's it. Unless there's a touch screen on the front, it may be very simple.

    The way the legs seem to be mounted, it looks to me like they may all retract up while in flight and would line up nicely with the top of the leg resting against the flat bottom of the arms beneath the motors. If it is a 3-axis gimbal under there, which is very possible how it's mounted, you would need to raise the legs and that would seem to take care of it.

    This would lead me to believe it will be a response to the Inspire 1 in some respects. The battery seems pretty foolproof since it has an indicator on it to check charge away from the quad and with the quick change, it'll be a nice way to do quick swaps, granted I'm not sure how easy it would be to take an aftermarket battery and hook it in.

    It looks like there is a lot of promise in it but it'll be interesting to see what the specs end up being. While I would really wish I could afford one, it seems as though this one may be out of my price range if it's going to go toe-to-toe with the Inspire.

    Looks very sleek and impressive.

  • nice, why don't those monkeys fly the drone after all?

  • Not yet but the monkeys gave away the name. Meet the 3DR Solo.. 


  • Anyone know the price?
  • Iris is going on a diet. You will be fine. 

  • Oh man.

    I just bought an IRIS last week!

    Do you think 3DR has a policy similar to apple where people can exchange their older models for newer ones if purchased near the enouncement?


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