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  • Phantom 3 announced today - 1500USD for the "pro" version. Optic flow sensors... good looking camera on a 3 way gimbal... High Def live video via Lightbridge... I am excited to see what the 3dr Solo brings to the party!

  • On further thought, $2-3k? ...

  • Are you kidding? :)    Not going to sell a lot if that's the case ... $1-2k feels reasonable.

    Well, I guess  we'll know soon enough ...

    That promo video is absolutely top notch.

  • I'm trying not to get excited, my guess is that it will cost north of $5,000.

  • Developer

    The battery is a indeed a smart battery, being SMBus enabled.

    Nice video :)

  • It could be Bobby SOLO

    "Una lacrima sul viso"

  • Developer

    Welcome "Solo"!
    In italian language "solo" it means "alone"...
    Or was named "Solo" in memory of "Han Solo"? :P

  • Interesting.  Waterproof, possibly?

  • Kubrick and Sagan are laughing in the afterlife... if they subscribed to the service. ;)

    How about 'Close Encounters of the 3dr kind'  ??

    Neat promo. A+


  • I am looking forward it!

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