New 433Mhz Tracking Antenna



While looking around for a 433 tracking antenna we found out that:

1) There isnt much choice for 433Mhz patch antenna 

2) There isnt much choice for a solid housing

So we decided to custom make one ourselves. It has a 433 patch antenna that fits onto RP-SMA of the 3DR radio. The radio sits inside the housing and the USB cable comes out from underneath it. The metal housing has 3 servos and a old ardupilot. It takes 5V and be powered by a 2S or 3S battery. The base of the tracker fits into a standard tripod mount. We tested it out and the range is much longer than standard 3DR radio with antenna and it works with the mission planner. We also notice the plane position on mission planner updates more frequently. 

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  • it is possible can tell me the type of antenna used

  • I like the patch-antenna test and it will do the job. For VERY long range tracking (RX) a small offset parabolic dish could be used + DIY coffe-can feed or why not a yagi + standard a TV amplifier. Excellent free modeling software is 4NEC2. Do notice, if you make a high gain antenna you will have to point it more properly. As an example, I listened/tracked AO-51 satellite which is 800 km away at @ 435 MHz (20 dB TV amplifier). I used a CNC board to track the satellite (that was then...). Notice that in my case the satellite TX CP.

    RHCP 435 MHz RX Yagi

    Linear 900MHz RX Yagi (find my mobile phone in the snow)

    Joseph Millette, that would be a great idea to use Polulu motor controllers (21v3). We swing 3m dishes using Jrk 12v12


  • Any info on the antenna, manufacturer, model, vender? 



  • Looks like the same enclosure as the myFlyDream FPV antenna tracker. Do you have a slip ring and continuous rotation?

  • Please, give more details
  • Nice. I want one too.... I use the 915Mhz. You should sell it in A DIY kit. I have a pololu PWM to USB that I use for my Tracker.
  • where can we buy it ?
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