New 6 Degree Of Freedom IMUnext from Flytron

Hi Guys,I just finished this new IMU. :DIt is a new year gift for myself and i will use it on the project of my univercity(analysing the forces on the automobile chassis).img_0221.jpgIt's including LPR530AL(pitch and roll) , LY530ALH(yaw) gyroscopes and MMA7260QT triple axis accelerometer with analog output.This IMU's name IMUnext and i designed a controller board too that called IMUcon. I will test it in first days of 2010 and i'm plannning to using it for Airplane, Helicopter,Quadrocopter and camera mount stabilisation.img_0210.jpgIf you planning to design your own motion control system, please contact with me on this thread.Product link is: for readingMelih
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  • Hi Andrew,

    This is just an 6DOF module, not including a controller, just gives analog data to controllers.
    Output is Integral function of gyroscope and acceleration axises.
    I'm using 400hz reading speed for accurated output, i cant see any problem on yaw axis on this speed. Only possible problem is gyro speed on this case. If your angular rate higher than 300 degree second, gyro cant mesure this.
  • HI, which filter method are you using? I noticed you didn't have a magnetometer how is your yaw so accurate?
  • Hi Karakalle,
    That's good suggestion.If you have come across" how to get data from that virtual COM port data" with normal c code, that would be very helpful.
  • Hi Harinath,

    Arduino not using USB actually, It's using FTDI chip, this chip converting serial data to virtualComPort over USB.
    You just need a comport component for connecting your arduino. I dont know the way of using OpenGL over VC++ because i'm using Dlephi 7 for writing OpenGL and you can find free OpenGL code on
  • Hi Karakelle,
    I got SparkFun 6DoF Razor board. I connected it to Arduino Duemilanove.As you know, we can connect Arduino to PC Via USB. Now i want to get this data into my Visual studio c++ program where i am drawing my OpenGL visualization code. For this, i need c++ or c code which can bring the USB data for me.
    Could you please clear me the following ...
    1. Where can i get the code to read the USB data ?
    (When i connect Arduino to PC The device manager of PC shows arduino connected to USB serial port(COM3)).
  • @Harinath,

    It depends your refresh rate and mathematical approach.
    My refresh rate 760hz in this video, and i'm using basic integral function like; angle = angle + (sensor value/200)
    It increasing the angle with every positive or negative rotation sens. And depends power of rotation. Basic rotattion signal shape is a positive sinus and integral giving area under the sinur and this mean rotation angle. My resolution very high and this is why i'm dividing it 200, it is not calculated valur just a guess for looking good on the screen.

    I hope i will release a document but now i'm very bussy for that.Please wait.

  • Do you have any pin labels on the silkscreen?
  • I am using Gyro's(Pitch and Roll) XV-3500CB from EPSON with National Instruments DAQ board and able to get the data from it (through VC++ programming) . Sensors are embedded in a pen like wand. I can rotate the 3D cube, however the rotation not correct exactly like your "teapot".If i apply data to rotate from 2 sensors and move the wand in any direction, object is rotating diagonally though i changed signs of the data. Could you tell me how can i rotate object exactly like yours. I appreciate your time.
  • Hi Hrinath,

    I used ready to run delphi OpenGL sample from and just added my com port data parser.
    It is nonvisual component that called "3D Geometric Primitives" search in on net or
    This is direct download link:
    important: It is recorder with linux file format(no enter on line ends) whis is why delphi giving error like "lines too long" just copy the strings from delphi to notepad. thencopy to notepad to delphi, it will resolve this problem.
  • It looks you have written OpenGL code. Could you post your code,if possible.
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