New 6 Degree Of Freedom IMUnext from Flytron

Hi Guys,I just finished this new IMU. :DIt is a new year gift for myself and i will use it on the project of my univercity(analysing the forces on the automobile chassis).img_0221.jpgIt's including LPR530AL(pitch and roll) , LY530ALH(yaw) gyroscopes and MMA7260QT triple axis accelerometer with analog output.This IMU's name IMUnext and i designed a controller board too that called IMUcon. I will test it in first days of 2010 and i'm plannning to using it for Airplane, Helicopter,Quadrocopter and camera mount stabilisation.img_0210.jpgIf you planning to design your own motion control system, please contact with me on this thread.Product link is: for readingMelih
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  • @Roberto
    Yes you right :(
    But this project killing me, it will finish in 2 weeks then i will a free man.

    It just my fun video with IMU, not a real thing. Because i'm testing only the gyros now and positioning is not our project's target. I'm just designign a force recorder and analyser on this project. Then i will work about stabilising my copter and planes.
  • T3
    And where is the shaking test while maintaining the angles intact?
  • It looks very good! I want to get one (or more).
    However, Flytron do not provide any documentation yet. :)
    So I'm waiting:(
  • I'm working on IMUcon controller and another small circuits, then i will finish the datasheet.
  • Looks nice, is there a data sheet.
  • This is actually pretty cheap, I've been working on developing an IMU but have had mixed success, determined to get it right though.
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