New Advanced Servo Controller

Hello to all community members.

I have just received to my e-mail this new and very improved servo controller:


You can find product details at:

I copy the following from the site:

PID Speed / Position controlAccurately adjust your servo’s rotation speed according to your project’s needs
Profiled position/speed controlNo more jerky motions on your robots, only smooth transitions from one setpoint to thenext
Velocity feedbackFeedback on the exact speed of your motor – produce more efficient algorithms and better overall robotbehaviour
Incremental position feedbackFeedback based on a 0.08° increments! Store your position in EPROM and recover it afterRESET
Absolute position feedbackKnow your robot’s joint positions straight after controller initialisation. Store your position in EPROMand recover it after RESET
Additional I/OsUse your Supermodified to also control other devices with 4 available GPIOs onthe Supermodified™ MCU board
Additional analog inputsGet feedback from analog sensors with 4 analog inputs on the Supermodified™ MCU board
Ambient temperature measurementAvoid overheating the ‘guts’ of the servo by knowing ambient air temperature
Current feedbackAvoid excessive stresses and easily calculate torque-demand on your servomotor during operation by knowingthe motor’s current consumption
Bus interfaces (I2C, RS485)Everything is on the comms bus! Up to 127 (wt. I2C, TWI interface), 248 (wt. RS485interface) Supermodified™ nodes can be controlled by a single host
Form FactorControl electronics, absolute feedback element, motor drive electronics, motor and gearbox now fitinside a servo. No more messy boards and wires
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  • Can this be used to control (postion, speed, trapozoidal motion profile etc.) an ordinary brush type DC motor (12v or 24v 1-6A,p) with quadrature encoder?
  • EMI will be problem for this type.
  • This would be perfect for making an antenna pointer/tracker. Or a pan/tilt system. Never seen a sensor like that.
    This is not just a magntometer and a magnet. It has quadrature output like an encoder. Must be a magnetic encoder :)) Cool.
  • That looks very cool, I'm definitely impressed. I look forward to seeing more about his project.
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